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  • Striped Silky Wool Jacket
    started: October 8, 2007
  • Jade by Elsebeth Lavold
    started: November 6, 2007
  • Pomatomus Socks
    started: August 12, 2007
  • Lizard's Ridge
    started: September 14, 2006
  • Trellis from
    started: September 6, 2006
  • Ribbon Short Sleeve Pullover
    started: August 28, 2006
  • Sarah's Surprise
    started: July 30, 2006 finished: August 26, 2006
  • Log Cabin Blanket
    started: July 8, 2006
  • Socks that Rock May kit
    started June 11, 2006
  • Audrey
    Rowan 35
  • Ravenna
    Lopi No. 24
  • Abfab Afghan
    Kit in Ivory for a wedding gift
  • Kiri Shawl
    All Tangled Up started: October 2005
  • Baby Bobbi Bear
  • Cable Lace Cardigan
    Vouge knitting s/s 2004

Needs Finishing

  • Via Diagonale
    from Needs handles and lining
  • Aztec Sun Vest
    This needs the sewing and a little embroidery

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March 30, 2006



Socks look so easy but figuring out sizing, even on my own socks, is a bit of a challenge. I can't wait to finish a pair so I have a template!


Are you coming tonight? I wanna see the Trekking!
Or did you say you were going somewhere? I can't remember...
Anyway, you'll be happy to know I finished the sweater from hell. >:|


I love the trekking; that dropped stitch totally sucks (actually my first thought was the F word); I am sure your sister will love your dedication to getting her the right fit. It is so much less stressful to knit socks for yourself - you can fit as you go. They look really good!

Dirt Under Her Nails

Im filled with wonder and awe and a little intimidation as I watch the progress of these socks, clearly I will have to buy opera tickets or have tea with the queen in order to wear these socks at an occasion worthy of the sweat and tears that have gone into them. It will be a shame to wear them out to the chicken yard...

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